Logistics service

Our reliable logistics services take the pressure off your core business.


Numbers and facts

Whether in your own warehouse or at one of our locations – our specialist staff plan and implement efficient solutions for warehousing, order picking and fine order picking, packaging and dispatch.

Logistics concepts

Logistics plays a key role in many processes. This applies not only to the areas of transport and storage, but also to industrial production and manufacturing. Everywhere where complex flows of materials, goods and information have to be designed, organised and coordinated.-

We pick and assemble kits and deliver them on time to the respective location.

Life is easier with logistics. You save time and resources in your areas. This protects the operational process


The services at a glance

  • Storage
  • Intermediate storage
  • Palletising
  • consignment storage
  • Incoming inspection / QA inspection
  • Picking and fine picking
  • Packaging
  • Direct shipping
  • Invoicing and payment procedures also on your behalf


On-time delivery

Our outsourcing solutions are proven in many years of practice. We guarantee product-appropriate goods handling and absolute adherence to deadlines.

Is that exactly what you need? Then let us develop the optimal process for your requirements together.